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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i'm heather homes. we are going to san francisco real estate. big bucks for the budget. 7 million-dollars more this year. >> tara moriarty tells us who is getting the biggest chunk of chain and why the mayor wants higher taxes. >> you know how crazy real estate has been. all about revenue and big bucks is translating because of the surge in property tax revenue. today the mayor announced how he intends to spend the money. half of the budget go towards enterprise departments. the airport and transit fees and the rest of the parks and held and fire and police. the mayor wants 200 million- dollars to combat homelessness, 32 million-dollars more than last year and to beep up the police department. and more officers would be on
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the street. >> our city is facing challenges. we can't deny that. neighborhood crime is up and homeless is a pressing concern. the need for reform in the police department is evident. >> $20 million would go towards reform and maybe purchasing body cams. there is the passage of a voter approved sales income tax in november that would pay for the homeless and transit services. coming up at five. we will have more on the improvements meaning streets and parks. back to you. tell us with the new acting police chief, if he was there, what did he say about the mayor's plan. >> he was there as the head of most departments. it is the who is who event.
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we spoke with tony chaplain and he welcomes this money because as he put it implementing the changes will cost money. >> tara moriarty reporting on the state of the budget in the city of san francisco. divers in santa cruz recovered the body of one of those two oakland teenagers presumed drown in a boating trip. they were 15-year-olds and they were on a family outing at woodward reservoir on saturday. they jumped off of a boat into the water and never resurfaced. said to be strong swimmers and were not wearing life jackets, recovery teens found the remains of josiah but have not recovered jamari. they were best friends. the 19-year-old pittsburgh girl one of two teens that drown in the sierra nevada river. the pittsburg police department confirmed their facebook page
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this form. ruiz was killed over the week end. she was a participant in the explorer program. they say she was on camping trip and 7 days away from her high school graduation. and they have -- another was a 19-year-old girl and neither were wearing flotation devices. >> police recovered a handgun stolen from an agent's car on sunday. it was parked in the alamo square area the painted ladies. the man was here for the warriors game. the f.b.i. says footage from surveillance led them to the home and in the bay view district where they found the weapon. one person taken to custody and the badge and credentials, they
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are missing. to the election coverage. senator bernie sanders is going nonstop in northern california. starting with an event with the union nurses in emeryville. national nurses united. it has endorsed sanders. made university healthcare a key to the campaign. bernie sanders promised to take on the drug and insurance industry if he is elected president. the function of how a democratic civilized society to provide quality care for all of our people in a cost effective way and not debate billions to the drug companies or the insurance companies. just about ninety minutes ago senator sanders wrapped up a large rally in santa cruz and scheduled to head to monterey and he has three events on his schedule tomorrow including a rally in palo alto at noon. today hillary clinton received the endorsement of governor jerry brown with the
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california primary. one week away. she is holding a fundraiser in north carolina with senator corry booker. it shows them campaigning in february. he has been mentioned as a possible running-mate ktvu spoke to clinton yesterday by phone and she asked clinton how she plans to bring in bernie sanders supporters if she becomes the democratic presidential nominee. so i believe once we wrap up the nomination which i hope will happen on june the 7th, we will turn our attention to unifying the democratic party to make clear that we are not going to let donald trump get anywhere near the white house. well sanders is campaigning hard and hillary clinton has the campaign in her favor. she could win enough delegates to clench the nomination when the polls close on june 7th. the warriors continue their
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road to the championship after last night's thrilling win over the oklahoma city thunder. >> as you know the team headed back to the nba finals to face lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. second year in a row. >> quite an enticing thing. the thing about the warriors, the overwhelming word you hear to describe it, fun. fun to watch. had to be one of the most outrageous times. certainly the loudest that i have heard. that's saying a lot. >> i was watching from home at a friend's house and heading to half-time and i admit i was nervous. >> weren't sure until the end. >> but someone i was watching with, second half, that is when they step it up and they will come alive and they did. >> to become the 10th team to come back from a 3-1 deficit
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and do it and let's look at the final moments. they put the pedal down and look like the thunder had a chance. dribble around and he popped a three and that sent the crowd into complete delirium and steph curry living it up there. nice moments with steph and his youngsters and his wife. the warriors pull it off and not available to the media. a well deserved day off but here is a little of what they had to say about not only that game but what lies ahead. the cleveland cavaliers, last night's interview. >> pretty remarkable come-back and it shows a lot about our guys and their will and their grit. >> we got players that -- we believe in each other and we
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pick each other up when we are not doing well. >> we know the cavaliers are a great team and great to be in this position. man, we are excited. the finals. >> the way this series went from game one to 7 we were ready for anything. and knowing how important to take care of your home court. that will be a high priority for game one. >> that is one of the amazing things about sport. arguably in the top five, ten at the most highlights in the franchise history coming back to win that. but how long do you get to dwell on it? >> moving forward. thursday night against the oracles and i like the chances because in a lot of what is the match-ups are a little more favorable, i think then they were against okc. >> really. >> i don't think cleveland's
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defense is anywhere as stout as okc. not as long and the strong line that warriors like to close the games with, i think they got a great chance and i said they beat okc in 6. >> thick in cleveland and they will beat the cleveland cavs in six games possibly. five. that's how much i like them. cavaliers never played anybody back east. weren't challenged. >> what sort of adjustments will they need to make coming off of the series with the thunder and focusing on the cavs. >> one of the biggest once is the mental adjustment, think how sky high they had to be. steph and clay thompson were saying they would have to play the game of their lives last night to get over on okc. sky high and two days down and obviously the emotion and adrenaline will get cranked back up and taking on lebron
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james. >> and a few days off. resting. >> since friday. >> and they have been watching. >> and the thing that i think will hurt lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers is that they have not had to take their game and be pressed and pushed to the outer limits. and any of the series to get to this point. the warriors have in several instances, they have dealt with the adversity of having steph curry hurt. remember how they went to portland to take care of business and they got hammered by okc back-to-back games and they have dealt with all the adversity and come out with flying colors. and i think that helps. >> i hope your prediction is right. >> check back in a little over a week. go warriors. >> ryan eldridge is standing by. he has his picks for the best tech savvy father's day gifts this year. outside our doors, cool and warm and even hot. depending on where you are.
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we will check in on your current conditions and talk about what you can expect for tomorrow and the hotter weather coming our ways in the days ahead coming up. and right now, on our facebook page, certainly an awe moment. a baby elephant safe after it fell into a drain. it is incredible video. go to our fake -- facebook page to see how they rescued the elephant. >> cal train has shut down the northbound lane because of a sinkhole. this is in san joaquin valley near state route 132. closed until thursday at least. we will be right back.
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a warmer day around the bay area and for some, that equals a very hot one. we are looking at temperatures in the 90s for some of the inland communities. let's step out and take a live look. there you can see into san francisco where we do have mostly blue skies. not everybody enjoying the sunshine. right along the coast line and foggy conditions and as a result, temperatures are actually cool to mild at the coast. let's take a look at the 24 hour temperature change. anywhere from two to three to sick degrees warmer than yesterday. livermore up by five and fairfield by four and in and around the bay, two oakland for sfo and into the south bay.
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5 degrees warmer san jose than yesterday. look at some of the numbers 97 in livermore as well as walnut creek and 96 in concord as well as fairfield. temperatures nearing the 100- degree mark and we will hit that one hundred degree mark as we get to friday and lasting into saturday. closer to the bay. 74 in oakland and 83 in redwood city and 70s in san francisco and a beautiful day for you there. upper 80s in santa rosa and low 80s in napa. as we turn our eyes tore the south bay 87 degrees. the one spot in the 50s. half-moon bay and 60s in pacifica and has to do with the cloud cover. stretching through san francisco, all the way down into santa cruz. partly to mostly cloudy skies the entire day. we have the summer pattern in place where we have 60s out at the coast and 90s in the inland community and it won't change
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for the next few days. eventually temperatures will grow hotter for the second half of the business week. here is a good look at the high pressure that is right off of the coastline. you can see the upper level winds coming up from the north. here at the surface, we have winds, some of us seeing a breeze and nevada at 14 miles per hour and a south breeze coming into santa rosa and southwest, fairfield. an onshore breeze in fairfield. 15 miles per hour but it is there. going to see the a's play later and a beautiful day for a game. 68 degrees with a westerly breeze and mostly clear skies as they continue to host the twins. tomorrow temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s. 49 at pacifica and at the coast we could experience drizzle in the morning.
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64 for pacifica. afternoon upper 60s and mid-70s to low 80s for the east bay shoreline and low to mid-90s once again for our inland cities. not a lot of change and some of us may see temperatures slightly and may not be enough to really fill it. on thursday, minor changes in store. but by friday and saturday, that's when the hotter weather is expected to move in and the inland communities expected to hit the century mark and hold steady and a tad warmer on saturday that recent models bring the temperatures up on friday and it may be the hottest day and we will have to wait until sunday until e temperatures cool off. uncomfortable sleeping the next few nights. >> bring out the fans. >> thanks, rosemary. you got it. tech tuesday and today i'm joined by our resident nurd on call ryan eldridge with your essential guide for father's day gift and we are talking tech gifts. >> yes. i took my want list.
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this is good stuff. >> okay. >> a harmony remote control. $350 remote control. amazing. >> what does it do? >> it controls not only your television and receiver and cable box but smart devices. you can hook it up with your phone and set up macros and close your shutters and all kinds of stuff. >> it does a lot and as long as the other items have smart technology as well. >> and you program it on your computer so you don't have to press a bunch of buttons. what about the dad that likes to be outside on the grill. >> we are grilling and turning the steaks like is this the right temperature and cutting in it. this is a probe called the i grill mini for 40 bucks and it connects to your phone and tells you when your meat has
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reached the optimal temperature. >> two pieces here. >> basically this connects to your grill as a magnet and then it send a blue tooth signal tour phone and lets you know when the meat is ready. >> easy enough. >> another version for one hundred bucks and you can do up to four at a time. >> what about going on a road trip and nothing is worse than a dead battery. this is 70 bucks and a jump starter kit for your car. you can talk and say do you have jumper cables. >> or wait for triple a. >> yes. you put it in the glove bok or in the car and when you go it will jump start your car and you can charge your phone. >> the trick is before you set off on this road trip, this needs to be charged, right. >> and it doesn't take long. >> and it is in the device in the wall. >> yes. ready to go. >> one last thing this is -- the second last thing, the flick. this is a magic button. >> how much was the road warrior. >> $70. >> and this is called the flick. 34 bucks.
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and this is cool because it can set different macros for your phone to do different things. you press the button for a panic button and you can turn off your air conditioner to a certain degree or turn off the lights. >> a remote control in essence, right? >> and you can use it a remote control for your camera to get great selfies. >> not big? >> small and presses a button. double press and a single press or press and hold and each one of those presses you can do up to three different functions on. >> okay. >> that's pretty cool. >> $35. >> it is called the flick. f-l-i-c-k. you can get it at amazon. >> my favorite. >> this is for 25 bucks and you will want to buy a bunch of these. they are cool. you put it on your keys and wallet and what it will do, it will tell you -- so now it is
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telling me that hey, my phone it right here and i can turn it off and it has a map so that you can see where everything is. >> this is what is used to find the device. >> yes. >> what you are looking for. keys. >> remote control. >> yes. bike whatever. you can find your phone or keys and a little map like you can see where my wife is because my wife has hers set up too. >> everyone in the house wins. >> if you lose them when you are camping, everyone else close will know where it is. >> how does it stay charged. >> it has a battery that lasts forever. >> i love it. you can get it for 25 bucks at amazon. >> yes. >> how often do you use it. >> i don't but my wife sometimes uses it. >> the wife. the wife. right. >> but what man is going to say i lost my stuff and i need it. that's why you get this.
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>> very cool. >> you will use it all the time. >> easy and light enough and connection touring. >> yes. >> right? >> yes. >> love it. so gifts for dad. >> put it on the backpack so your kids will know where their stuff is and hide it in the glove box. >> ryan eldridge, thank you. you're welcome. heather, over to you. i need that. how many times have you lost your keys. >> there is a lot of questions about donald trump fundraisers. the event on the same night as you remember the republican debate he skipped. now he is lashing out and insisting that the money went to vets. this portion of fox 2 news brought to you by your bay area
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hyundai dealers.
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investigators offering a new lead for the search for 15- year-old pearl pinson. missing for six days. the solano sheriff's department released the photo of a backpack. they are asking anyone that sees an abandoned backpack to give police a call. investigators say no new searches planned but hoping for new tips from the public. pearl pinson was seen on her
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way to a bus stop less wednesday. authorities believe she was kidnapped from fernando castro. he was killed in a shoot the next day in santa barbara county. >> donald trump lashed out at the news media as he revealed which veteran groups received the money he raised back in january. the republican presidential nominee raised the money by skipping a debate and hosting a charity event. he had raised almost 6 million- dollars and enlisted 41 groups that have gotten the money. he criticized the press for questioning him about the funds. instead of being like thank you very much mr. trump, he did a good job. who got it and you make me look bad. i have never received such bad publicity for doing a bad job. >> many of the groups received the checks and in just the past
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weeks starting the day after washington post ran a story questioning where the money went. well, it is graduation season and tonight there is a very special ceremony to honor young african-american men. we will tell but bay group helping them reach their dreams. still ahead. world health officials say one way the zika virus spreads is more common than they thought. the new warning they are issuing when the four on 2
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returns. a discussion about the challenges that young african- american men face from high incarceration rates to low graduation rates but tonight several young black men will be celebrated for receiving excellence in the face of such odds. we are learning about a unique program aimed at connecting the young black men with college. heather is behind one of the people in the program. >> the program is call the college bound brotherhood. it is brother ship between five -- bay area school districts. joining us is alexis. and oversees the brotherhood. i am joined by dillon lewis and keyen thomas. they are graduates.
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congratulations. i want to start with you alycia. why is the program needed i know you guys have invested more than 2 million-dollars. >> yes. the college bound brotherhood is an initiative sponsored by the marcus foster institute. the social impact program and the college futures foundation. we believe that these investments and the life success, not just college but life success is vitally important for community help. we think their success is our success. when we look at the statistics and data around the men college bound, we know they are the least likely to go and they tend to be the least likely that is supported to go. that doesn't mean that other programs are not right. >> are equally supported. >> this one focuses on young african-american men. >> tell me what you do, you
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provide programming and help with enrollment. >> yes. we are a collection of committed individuals nine nonprofits located in the bay area. oakland, west contra costa and prominent nonprofit associations that has expertise on what it takes to ensure that a young african-american man succeeds. there are obstacles that are skilled at addressing. we don't think the burden of responsibility should be at the seat of the nonprofits. we think that school districts can learn what type of strategies that can be put in place to ensure that the men have a full compliment of opportunities. >> let me talk with you, dillon. you said you are the first in your family to go to college. where are you going. >> the university of la vern in
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la vern california. >> how excited are you about it and how important this program was to you getting there. >> ?" >> i am excited. i'm the only one in my immediate family going to college. so basically it is important on get a grade education and help my mom out. the program is important because without this program i probably wouldn't be able to go to school because it gives me not only scholarship money but more tools when stuff gets hard. >> you get a book stipend. >> yes. >> did you seek out this program or did this program find you. >> it is open to anybody to apply for it but i'm a part of this program called spat. it is for students, athletes going to college and they make sure you have enough college money and you have what you need to succeed in college. >> where did you go to high
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school. >> right now mccarmy high school. >> and you play sports there. >> yes. football. >> dion. let's talk with you. where are you going to school. >> moorhouse. >> awesome. >> tell me about this program, how instrumental was it for you. >> just like dillon talked about, basically without this scholarship, you know it gave me money to go to college and helps me to get mentorship and support that you need often when you are away at college because you may not always have the close and immediate family there for that person that you can depend on. this scholarship will be there for me and they will look out for my best interest. >> i can remember when i was applying to colleges and for scholarships and it was so daunting, did they help you navigate the process and fill out the paperwork? >> definitely and i linked up with the scholarship.
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they have been very instrumental and helping me with other scholarships and helping me in general with going to college. >> where did you go to high school. >> bell vair. >> 125 young men will be walking across that stage. how special of a moment is this for you, someone that is investing in these young men to see this moment and hopefully be able to catch up with them when they are super successful? >> absolutely. we say once in the brotherhood always in the brotherhood. you will be in there. and the scholarships are an integral part of this work and we are so proud. by next year this time we would have awarded a little over 400
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young men about $800,000 since 2013 and we know how important the financial resources are and we know how important it is to bill connections and relationships with one another. when they take the stage, they have an opportunity to share with the community their names and what they are going to college and what their aspirations are. at the end of the ceremony the audience will congratulate them because it takes a village. >> what is that place, your commitment? >> absolutely. unequivocal, a statement of support. we do a little fundraising to encourage individuals to offer support to scholarships and to the programming that is offered to support the young men's success. >> before we go, dillon, any idea what your major might be. >> i want to major in computer science. >> and i want to major in
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business and marketing and minor in sports studies. >> it sounds awesome. >> two fantastic men. into we posted a link >> to find out more about the program in case you are interested helping out young men. it is all on our website, i love it. congratulations. concerns about the zika virus. growing and the world's health organization increased precautionary measures to try to spread the start of the virus through sexual contact. the new guidelines to come. >> a summer warmup. we will talk about what you can expect for your wednesday and in the extended forecast. what the inland cities are expected to reach one hundred degrees coming up. let's look live heading
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north. the four on 2 will be right
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back. >> conditions are worsening for tens of thousands of iraqi soldiers trapped in fallujah. we have the latest on the fight
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from fallujah. >> reporter: iraqi forces battling fallujah are fitting in the heart of the city. the country is trying to reclaim territory located 40 miles from bag dag. the city was taken by isis two years ago. there was islam state militants after troops seized control of fallujah with the help of u.s. led air strikes. this among the drone reports that the islamic states are killing civilians as they attempt to flee. >> the extremists are using booby traps in order to prevent families from getting out as human shields. >> 50,000 civilians are being urged to stay inside if they are unable to escape.
4:42 pm
iraqi lawmakers calling to patrol the borders. >> iraqis should create safe borders to let them get out. >> fallujah is the less major western city in iraq under control of the sunni groups. isis controls territories in northern iraq including the country's second largest city mostel and the fight to retake it will likely be the fight of all fights in iraq. in jerusalem, john huddi. fox news. global held officials are recommending stricter precautions for people that travel to locations that zika is spreading amid the concerns about the spread of the virus. the world health organization is act men and women to practice safe sex after returning from an outbreak zone even after showing symptoms. this is up from a four week waiting period for men showing signs of zika.
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the recommended wait time is even longer. the period of safer sex or abstinence should be extended to six months. the new guidelines come after health officials found the virus lingers more than previously believed. scientists are still investigating how long the scientist can be traced in saliva but the results are inconclusive. parts of inundated texas bracing for flooding. hundreds of people have been evacuated from suburban community of blankco. that refer cred 54 feet. last week six people died during four days of torrential rain and meteorologists say moran could keep the blanco river in a major flood stage with widespread damage reported relief agencies are stepping up
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the efforts to help residents displaced by the severe weather. >> we will fulfill our mission, which is to eliminate as much suffering as possible. dozens of water rescue taking place and video captured horses in rising water. there are no reports of any of those horses being injured. we are getting the first look at the newest edition to the oakland zoo. take a look. >> this is zachary. the baby baboon was born last month. the 6th baboon born at the zoo in three years. get this, baby zachary was not a planned pregnancy. >> we were planning on implanting her with a birth control for a couple of years just to give them a break from
4:45 pm
the babies and had the vets within to check sure enough a bundle of joy in the belly. >> and that baby zack is holding on tight. he will hang under a mom for a month before wondering around independently. >> i remember they got a troop of baboons and talking about efforts to help with conservations and breeding concerns. i think it is funny that they were looking for birth control and they are like whoops, too late. >> so cute. >> all right. we want to check in now with rosemary. such a cute little shot. >> absolutely. i know the monitors are small but if you could see zachary ears incredibly cute. >> outside, a different story. this is a pretty shot but for some it is hot out there. we are looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 90s for some of the inland cities.
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around the bay it is comfortable and along the coast it has been fairly cool. we do have four to six feet. but i do want to mention the national weather service is issuing an advisory. this will go through thursday and not exactly beach weather going on. but just something to be aware of if this is where you are going to be hanging out between now and thursday. the possibility of rip currents and the large breaks along the shore increasing. 97 degrees in livermore and 97 in walnut creek and 96 in fairfield. the headline fort inland communities. just how hot it is out there, meanwhile you get closer to the water. very comfortable. hayward 83 and 74 in oakland and going to see the a's play later today. great day. upper 60s in the forecast. at game time and you should be in good shape. 70s san francisco and 57 at half-moon bay and it has to do with that cloud cover that is just holding firm all day long. we will take a look at a few
4:47 pm
more numbers along the peninsula and get away from the cloud cover and temperatures are mild to warm. 88 reported at palo alto and 86 san mateo. here is a look at the pattern in place. the clouds for the so nomo coastline. we will get to more sunshine for the coast but it will take friday before temperatures warm and we look at partly cloudy skies. here is a look at the high pressure, that's right off of the coastline and you can see the upper level winds bringing us a northerly flow and at the coast we will remain cool withling change expected for tomorrow. recover at the coast. well in the 90s. tomorrow we start the day. 49 degrees expected for pacifica and 53 in san francisco and a little bit of patchy fog for the rest of us
4:48 pm
and 55 in hay ward and 56 for concord and 50 in napa and 55 for morgan hill and afternoon highs going to feel a repeat of today. here is a look at your day planner for hayward. lunchtime 75 degrees and upper 70s for the rest of the afternoon and settling down to 72 by about dinner time and 6:00. here is a better look around. 85 for santa rosa and for the south bay locations, 87 san jose and 68 for san francisco. your extended forecast here, temperatures will not budge a whole lot as we get to thursday. we will be a tad warmer and then we begin to peak for friday and saturday in the upper 90s and a few low one hundreds and around the bay, warm as well. in the 80s around the bay where we don't have the ac, a little bit uncomfortable and tough to sleep.
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we got that in the bay area week. >> last week we were saying bring on the heat but maybe not this much. >> all right. rosemary. thank you. julie now is like in the newsroom with stories we are working on for ktvu at five. julie, the warriors prove they deserve to be in the finals once again. >> they certainly did. the hottest team in the nba on the court and inthe team store. coming up at five. the one piece of nba finals, the fans have been lining up for ever since game 7. a murder case closed. >> that's right. she fought for decades to find out who killed her mother. coming up at five. the picture she said she was going to bring with her every day in a bay area courtroom. they are all coming up for you at five. we will see you then,
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julie. stay with us. time to get social and talk about the stories people are sharing on social media and a lot of people talking about katy perry. her twitter account got hacked and it was not pretty. she has 89 million flayers. she has the biggest following on twitter. the largest and so when someone hacks it, you can imagine what happens. some of the comments they included homophobic and racist messages and also shout out to tyler swift. >> tweeted missed you baby and tagged taylor swift and the hacker posted a link to a phone called witness. a leak of a new song by katy
4:53 pm
perry. who did this? someone from romania. >> i went to her page and the tweets have been deleted. >> it is sad when someone hacks an account. a hacker got into pink's account and posted porn. >> and a hacker got access to taylor swift and threatened to leak new photos but it didn't happen. >> but others it has like actress jennifer lawrence, she had intimate photos linked on line and the sony email hacker that published emails from executives as they discussed a lot of celebrities. >> hard to see. change your passwords on a regular basis. that is maybe one way to keep them out. >> these folks are targeting
4:54 pm
them with lots of followers. >> even more so they should do that. >> you would think the folks that help katy perry and taylor swift would be on that. i am sure they will now. >> microsoft user are upset because they are saying the company tricked them to upgrading to windows 10 and the problem is the weekly updates. every day they push the updates out and fix a bug or close a security bug but a recent prompt says recommended update but when selected it actually pushed a full windows upgrade to windows 10. some people didn't want that. >> and the update has been pushed without any consent. people are taking to twitter and some saying they have gone out to buy a mack because windows has broken their trust. >> not the wild side but this next part here, firefighters
4:55 pm
around the world are going there and showing up to help in this fire fight. yesterday a group of 300 firefighters from south africa arrived in edmonton and so moved by their warm welcome, the firefighters received from the canadians broke out into song. >> that us cool. >> chanting before and after the fires to help build team spirits. the canadians greeted them with hand shakes and the firefighters were thanking them for the warm welcome. >> they deployed to canada and indonesia in 2015 as well. >> and we will be right back
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but here is a little more of
4:57 pm
the firefighters.
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thanks everybody for spending a part of your tuesday with us. now to frank and julie with the warriors returns to the finals. >> the transformation at oracle is under way.
4:59 pm
the logos for the nba finals are being placed outside the arena. >> this while fans have their eyes on a hot commodity. what fans have been standing in line for since the game ended last night. a dream for two fans. two teams playing in the championship series at the same time. the warriors in the nba finals is generating new demand for a certain item. jesse gary is live at oracle arena where tickets to three of the finals game against cleveland are on sale. what is the likelihood of walking up and getting your hands on a pair of those tickets. >> reporter: bad idea. don't come up here and walk up to the box office because it is closing right now. the general admission tickets are on sale online. you can go to the warriors home web site or
5:00 pm
and you can go to the right side of the screen and type in and try to get tickets. a hot commodity. there is another must have. fans fell in love with just as game 7 was ending. >> the champagne was still chilling. the team celebrating and their on tv a star was born. the hats, the locker room room apparels given to players and team officials. >> i went in line to get a cap. >> this royal fan was not alone. this line started 30 minutes to doors opening at 11:00. >> i feel like i am representing. even though i moved out of oakland. that is what we do when game time comes. >> what warrior fans do is play a retail game of search and find. inside the oracle


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